Game Developers


  • Earn revenue for promoting commercial items.
  • Integrate commercial brands into your game.
  • Earn commissions on real and virtual item sales.


  • Broadcast your brand across our network.
  • Push players' scores, challenges, and invites.


  • Expand your game's reach by engaging your players' social networks.
  • Generate buzz about your game through our social messaging system.

Simple or Deep Integration Options

  • Only a few API calls for a simple integration.
  • Integrate at a deeper level to drive revenue and user engagement.



  • Organically integrated ad platform which compliments your user accounts and games.
  • Earn commissions on real and virtual item sales, both in-game and on-site.
  • Pure incremental revenue. Does not erode your existing ad units.

Acquire Users

  • Broadcast your games and website across our network.
  • Push players' scores, challenges, and invites.
  • Run promotions to reach your users' network of friends.

Retain Users

  • Keep your users engaged with contests and sponsored events.
  • Create an engaged social community on your website.
  • User analytics and relationship management.


A disruptive new sales and acquisition channel.

Tired of blindly spending your ad budget on ineffective creatives for an unengaged audience?

Pibit brings unprecedented access to a huge pool of highly-engaged users. Your brands will be worn, earned, purchased, and competed for by our network of users. Social proof and customer endorsements - just like in the offline world - now online!

Let's go!

Pibit is still in closed beta.

If you would like to learn more about our platform, or if you would like to participate in our beta, please send us a message!

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